Pethaso - Peace (makes sense dont it?)

Aye  Hotes -Hey Homes ( I never figured it  out, was it "Hotes", or "Hopes "??? 

It's my way or Arrow Highway!!!

Al Webbers - Al webo

Asta la veester, and have a good easter! -

Friends of Happy's gathered at Bridget's place on this night-the 3rd anniversary of his passing. Lots of Tower of Power, War, and music that he loved. I could almost see him playing the infamous 'air saxophone' and invisible microphone! or hear him go 'Hey hotes...' (or whatever the hell he said!!)

A few beers later, I was 'in the bag'! Just like Happy would have wanted it!

At 9:00, about 15 of us made the long journey to the corner. We all had our own 'time' with Raul, remembering the good times, reviewing our own personal memories. I think we all were overwelmed and I noticed I wasnt the only one teary eyed. But tears wash the soul, and I dont think any tears were wasted. Raul was a good friend to all of us.

After a brief encounter with police (who were truley respectful) we walked back to Bridgets with our thoughts and reflections. I think we all left a little piece of ourselves at that corner.

Anyway, Thanks to all who came by, to spend some time with Bridget, and Raul- your spirit will live on my friend. See you on the other side Homes-Pethaso

                                     Mr. Payaso

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