Cassette to CD

High Fidelity, Track-Separation, Dual-Side Conversion, Noise Reduction, Premium Authored CD- $20.00 EA, 2 Or More-$15.00 EA
Tapes are recorded directly to computer, Thru Noise Reduction Filters. Flaws in the original tape (Wrinkles etc.) cannot be helped! We can try to 'clean-up' recordings thru additional filters, and 'Dual Mono' mono recordings for an additional price.
'Mono' being an old recording that plays on 'one side' of your speaker system only. Dual Mono is not Stereo, but the same recording comes out of both speakers.
We separate individual tracks, and put both sides of cassette on one CD. Max Capacity on one CD is 75 minutes.
Cassette Case Art and track listing are available for additional cost.
Once the cassette is converted, additional copies can be made at $5.00 each.

We will archive your recordings.

We can also make you a  Master CD of MP3 Ready tracks for your MP3 Player for an additional charge.
We can re-spool some wrinkled and 'eaten' tapes, however there is no guarantee as to the sound quality! (Additional charge) Some broken tapes can be repaired!


We can restore most damaged photographs. Faded and wrinkled pictures can be brought to life. prices vary.

DVD Slideshows– Your favorite pictures set to music on a DVD -we can also put your slideshow/video's on our You tube Channel to share with friends and family across the internet! We can also integrate still photos with video footage.

We also have web space available, from single pages to entire domains!
We can build a website for you too!!! Get you on Google!! Bing!! Most search engines!!  Graphic Designs, Flyers, Cable-ready Commercials.

We Also build and repair Computers, install software, Operating systems, home networking.
Disaster Recovery - We can sometimes save your documents after a crash.

Virus removal at affordable prices!!We'll get them lil buggers out for you!! we can remove most virus' adware/spyware/homepage hijackers etc. If we cant, we can reformat your drive, saving ALL YOUR IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS!!! We can re-install your programs. if you dont have the original program discs, we might!!

We can create back up discs for your computer! save all your important documents to CD!

We are an Honest, Christian based Family business, and will work with you on your computer/media/networking needs! Located in Rio Linda!!! We can come to you! Pick up and delivery!

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